The White Omen

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This is a story that I wrote a few years back in the form of a Native American story from a Native American storyteller.

I remembered it because of this post by Jeff Nguyen about Columbus Day which you can read here:

In our tribe we keep dream catchers for our children as they sleep. Lately, even the high chiefs of the tribe have started to keep dream catchers at their side as they sleep. It is because they have been haunted by the white omen. He makes even the bravest of all men cry and wail like babies after they have just been born, only this cry is strange to man. It is unnatural, just as all things brought by the white omen.

Sometimes, when men believe they might be brave enough to have escaped these nightmares they put their dream catcher away, only to be filled with horror. Worst of all nightmares was one dreamt by Bidzil, or strong, one of the greatest warriors of our tribe. He said the dream started as if it was a normal day, like any other. He was going with the other men, to find the buffalo herd. He took his bow and arrow, prayed for forgiveness from the buffalo, but just before he shot the arrow he heard it, and the buffalo collapsed. The world devoured in a sea of darkness around him. All he could see was the white omen on his sacred dog.

The white omen grew larger, demanding more and more, in increasing rage. He threw a fit as a child often does screaming for gold and land. Suddenly, all Bidzil could see was spots, filled with pus. He saw his companions reappear, dazed and vomiting, getting weaker and weaker. He looked down at the spots growing onto him, as his head became a pounding drum. As his knees buckled and he landed on the barren earth he took one last look at the white omen as he laughed at the weakness of Bidzil and his people. It was over, the white Omen would finish him.

When he had finally lost all hope, Bidzil saw something change, the darkness disintegrated and the white omen whimpered as he turned to dust. Bidzil could feel himself slowly rising and watched as his tribesmen did the same.

“It is over,” he said as he and his and his companions slowly rose. The sky cleared as the buffalo moved along. Bidzil woke up to see his daughter, Abedabun, sight of day.

“Noshi, father, I saw you stirred so I brought you a dream catcher.” As Bidzil turned to the dreamcatcher, he saw all of his nightmare caught in its web, as it should be.

Gum and Black Eyes

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I’m going to stray a bit from my usual style, but I need to write something before this blog dies and what I wanted to write is still important to think about nonetheless.

The concept of humans taking responsibilities for their actions in its simplest for is not a difficult one to grasp. For example, if someone were to punch you, even by accident you would expect them to talk responsibility for that action by apologizing and then possibly getting you some ice for your black eye.

simple right?

Why is it then, that when on a larger scale, there are people that not only refuse to take responsibility for their actions, but do even worse. It’s as if that person that punched you in the face tells you that they didn’t do it, or worse, blames you for putting your face in the way of their fist.

An example that was shocking to me was that of UN’s relationship with Haiti. As a disclaimer a lot of the work that the UN does is good, true humanitarian work, but this situation was a new level of disappointment.

After the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, UN peace troopers went to Haiti to try and help with the aftermath, but what they brought with them from Nepal was a cholera that spread through Haiti causing an epidemic. The peacekeeper’s site was constructed poorly, resulting in the sewage from the site draining into the main water source of the country.

This is the part where the UN should take responsibility for their mistake and try to do something to compensate for it.

Sadly, that was not their response.

Even after a lawsuit was filed against them with thousands of stories from Haitians whose family members died, the UN still denies all responsibility to this day.

This seems to end up being the case for many large corporations, governments, and organizations.

America never said “We’re sorry we completely destroyed Iraq and Vietnam and killed innocent civilians and people”
or even if they did, there wasn’t any compensation for it

Another prime example of this is the Zionists playing the victim card to further expand, invade, and destroy Palestine (this would be like the guy who blames you for putting your face in the way of their fist.)

People should take responsibility for their actions no matter how much “power” they have the same way that celebrities that break the law should be treated the same as anyone else. I’m talking about you Justin Bieber.

And please don’t be the guy that puts gum at the bottom of a desk. Just walk to a trash can like a civil human being.

This post is very unorganized, but it was fun to write.

Ya Ali

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Ya Ali

Who else can say
From the foremost day
To be blessed to be born
In the house of the Lord

Ya Ali

You are the only one
raised as the prophet’s son
who learned to walk
holding the prophet’s hands
Who followed each of his footprints
in the desert sand

Ya Ali

You were the fearless youth
Who before Bani Hashim
Stood firm for the truth
From that day the Prophet proclaimed
This youth is my brother, my akh, my successor
And Ali is his name

Ya Ali
Who else can declare
That each time the prophet called out
To be the first one there

Even when you did not
Know of your fate
You never let that dictate
What you did
Instead you would say
My beloved Prophet
Will risking my life cause you to be saved?

Ya Ali
There is a reason we call
Ya Asadullah
Ya Faateh Khaibar
Oh Lion of God
Oh conqueror of Khaibar
Not once did you flee
From your enemies
Every time you went to fight
You put Islam before your life
Allah gave you your strength
And with your name
Our hearts are filled with ease
Our backbones are firm
And we are filled with your bravery

Ya Ali
Who else would be the cause
Of the prophet to call
Every person with ears
To the heat of Ghadir
As Jibrael revealed
To the best man in the universe
To ever exist
To complete the best of all faiths
With the man born in the best of all places
To proclaim these beautiful words
That still ring in our ears
Man kunto Mawla wa hatha ali un Mawla
“Of whoever I am the master Ali is his master”
Then for three days and three nights
In the tents of ghadir
The Muslims from far and from near
pledged allegiance to you, but only a few did adhere

Ya Ali
They abandoned the one who defined what is true
you were left with your wife
To knock on the doors
In the dark of the night
To remind people of God’s command
Yet you were left alone
And your rights had been banned

Ya Ali
On this day we gather to celebrate
We only wish to be
of those who have faith
So we can be commanded
By the completer of the deen
Amirul Mumineen

True Revolution

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We are living in the occultation
An era where
Around every corner
Shaytan tries to break our foundation

In the media
Where women are turned into toys
Where people brush off their shoulders
Oh boys will be boys
Where pop stars are idolized
The truth is scrutinized
Where the most disgusting of actions
Is called “love and equality”
And you can’t speak against them
Because they were “born that way”
Where serious problems are unimportant
Because the world was meant for play

This place
Where a woman staying home
To raise her child
Is a burden on the society
And talking back to your parents
Is “normal adolescent behavior”
Family structures are being broken
Down as we replace love
With money
Where people just want to satisfy
Materialistic goals
Our needs become commercialized
As we ignore our souls
Spending hours working
To fill these holes
But we can never be satisfied
By the dunya
By these lies
And we get trapped by the
Planned obsoleteness
Always needing new toys

The media
Presents modesty as oppression
Children throwing rocks
To defend their homes
As terrorism
Where freedom of religion
Is only for the non political
Who don’t get in the way
But if you do
Don’t worry
You’ll be found by the NSA
But in this world
Where there are attempts
To create a “secular society”
Where fearing God was weakness
Strange and heinous
Brought the truth
So that Muslims could
Stop cowering in their shells
Stop apologizing for their beliefs
So that when they walked
With their chin up they could say
“I am a Muslim
To only Allah I am a slave”

But Khomeini’s
Task was not easy
He faced poison from every side
As the media attacked him
Making terms like radical Islamist
A dictator enraged
Always in a power struggle
When in reality
His only crime was that he
Refused to bow and obey to
These nations that tried
Everything they could contrive
So that Khomeini would fall
But in the eyes of the people
They knew this was only the beginning
The beginning of a revolution

But Khomeini was more than
A charismatic leader
Who spoke words that touched hearts
He had a thirst for knowledge
In all aspects of Islam
A love of poetry
Where he found Allah as his Friend
And began his revolution within
Before he could tell
People to start revolutions
Within themselves
Then he created a society
Built on social justice
Freedom, family structures
And modesty
A society
Where people could truly be free

We must realize that the reason
That Khomeini’s
Revolution was so great
Was because despite
All the hatred
Despite these attempts
To create a world built on
Worldly aims
It was Khomeini
Who with the flag of Islam
Turned a society around
Even when the world called him backwards
For his belief in the truth
He never apologized
Because he knew
Allah was by his side


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Salaam to you
Ya Fatima-Zahra

I am Malik al-mawt
And as your bones are being broken
And your womb is being crushed
It’s hard for me to stand with all this pain that I’ve seen
This weight on your shoulders you faced since
The day you were born
Into a world
Where your father faced scorn
When with each step that he took
His feet bled with hateful thorns
His back covered in trash
His ears filled with poisonous words

May Allah curse
These villainous beasts
That didn’t give you a moment of peace

And I dreaded
The day I took
Your mother
Lady Khadija away
The one who soothed father
Who washed the blood off his feet
Wiped the burdens from his back
And then I saw
The look on your
Innocent face
The strength that you had
Although your heart was in despair
You only wished to take care
Of your father
And so you spent your days
Soothing him
Taking the pain away
Like in Uhud when they threw rocks
You ran to the battlefield
Wiped the blood from his luminous face
It is then you were named
Umme Abiha
When you became
The mother of your father

And later when I came to take
Your father
Up to the heavens
Your father
That you took care of for so long
Every time that he was wronged
It was so much to bear
And my heart broke as
Your eyes filled with streams
And again I looked at your face
And you knew this was not the end
Of this torment
you picked yourself up
In that same day
Watching your father’s grave
Your heart was saddened
But all you could think of was
How he was abandoned
And it was then that your true test began
And you had to take a stand
To preserve Islam

And I watched your enemies
Steal your rights
As they took Fadak
Given by the prophet of Allah
And I heard you speak so eloquently
That Ya Umma look at what has been done to me
Don’t you know who I am
The daughter of the prophet
How can you listen to these people
That have hurt me so?
Don’t you know
Those who hurt me hurts Allah
And the man who will lead you to paradise
Is Amir-ul-mumineen
The commander of the faithful
The true leader of the Muslimeen

But they didn’t listen to you!
They didn’t heed your words
They dismissed you as greedy
They said you were needy
Haven’t they seen?
You cared for everyone but yourself
You helped every poor person who came to your door?
It pained me to hear
As they spread these words so vile
I wanted to scream
But their ears could not hear

And now every night I follow you
Knocking on the doors
When they refused to help
Ya Fatima
Did they not realize what would happen?
When they failed to protect you
Your umma that you hold so dear
And your enemies came to your house
I swear by Allah if I had been given the command I would have dragged them by their necks as they did to Ali
I would have taken your enemies
Straight into the burning fires of hell
But I am sorry
Ya Zahra I am sorry I could not stop what happened next
And then you cried don’t you know who I am?
Don’t you remember my father was the
Prophet of Allah?
And they ignored your words
With their ears clouded with greed
And then my body shook from horror
As I was forced to see
When they slapped the cheek that the prophet would caress
And then those ravage murderers who had gone insane
Set your house aflame
And they yelled push the door down
Crushed you against the ground
At this point I could not stand
And I ran to you and held your hand
And I began to wail
Shaking, waiting so impatiently
To take you away
To ease your pain

But when you said
With your last breaths
“Ya Ali, be pleased with me”
And I saw with the faces of Hassan Hussain, and Zainab
I realized
As I watched your demise
That although I could reunite
You with your dear father
You would be weeping
From the heavens each day
As people tormented your husband
And your children so dear
And I yelled to the sky “Ya Allah even I cannot ease the pain of Fatima! Please let me do something please let me end all her suffering”

And on the day of Ashura
When the skies wept blood
You came and you screamed
“How can you still on this day not see
My father is Muhammad, my husband Ali
What are you doing?
What are you doing to my children
Hussain and Zainab
My son’s back is broken with burden
His beard is grey and bloodstained
Why won’t you heed my warnings that I gave
Now my son has no proper grave
And my daughter faces worse tests than I
Ya Zainab you had to watch all your loved ones die

And your agony continued
And continued Ya Zahra
As you watched each Imam
Tormented, ignored, murdered
And now you wait for your suffering to end
And you ask the umma
Why do you let my Mahdi wait
He weeps each day for the sins
You commit
Ya Fatima Zahra is still waiting
O people can’t you see?!

Paris Underground

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DIgital art that I made about the hijab ban in France.

DIgital art that I made about the hijab ban in France.

Resist to Exist

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“Israel has the right to defend itself”
They say
But when a missile comes from Palestine
*gasp how dare they?
Those deranged terrorists
Those radical Islamists
Those enraged extremists
Can’t they just accept peace?

Before you make your accusations
Please take a moment
Ask yourself
What would you do
If you lived in Palestine?

Imagine getting a call on your phone
Saying you have 3 minutes
To leave your home
3 minutes to leave everything
Everything you own
Completely helpless
Realizing once you’re out
You’ll have no where to go

Imagine looking into the sky
And instead of
seeing the beauty of the sun
You look up and see smoke
You choke gasping for clean air
You try not to lose hope
Try not to fall into despair
But your eyes begin to tear
Because the poisoned gas
Unleashes your greatest fears
You try to keep moving forward
But there’s a ringing in your ears
And you fear the torture
Of the men “just following orders”

Imagine Walking through a maze
Going from one check point
To the next
In fear of being put on gun point
In fear of humiliation
but since when did I need a permit
To get an education
To get to the hospital
To earn a living
To pray at a mosque
Since when did I need a permit
To live
And since when was it
Okay to create
A 26 feet tall prison
For children
A place with no escape
Since when
Since when did we have the right to decide
That the fate of these Palestinians
Is that they are to die

Imagine being deprived of clean water
Would you think to yourself
“oh I’m sure the Zionists didn’t mean to hit our water supplies”
Who makes up these lies?
Now from Detroit to Gaza
We see another Karbala
People being cut from water
Day after day

Imagine seeing your
Work mates
Falling to death
One after another
Like dominoes
Imagine living
Each day not knowing
Who’s going to fall next

Imagine being a child in Palestine
These children who
Once they survived the day
Their tears flow from their eyes
And they try to drift to sleep
They know it seems foolish
But they dream
They know it seems childish
But they dream
Maybe I’ll survive this storm
Maybe there won’t be another war
Maybe I’ll live until tomorrow
Maybe I’ll even grow old and grey
Maybe I’ll wake up and it will all just go away
Maybe Palestine will one day be free one day

Imagine the child
Waking up that next day
Going to the beach
Where his father works
Where he and his cousins often play
These boys running
To play hide and seek
Having fun worry free
For once
The sun shining so bright
Waves washing white sand
This child forgetting his worries
Just for that time
When suddenly
A deafening sound that stops a child’s heart
Sand flying through the air
In a storm
The sun being covered
With black cloud of dust
A child’s whole world
Turned upside down
Their friends no where to be found
A running game turned into
Running away
Running for their lives
Running to survive
Hoping maybe, just maybe
Everything will be alright
Wondering how this can be real life
When again
A brother
A nephew
And cousins
Turned to corpses

One boy left to survive
One boy left standing
One boy left scarred

But he is strong
And I leave you
With his message
Of resistance to us
‘Don’t be afraid
Don’t give up,
take the revenge for the whole country … and take revenge for the world
and all the sad people with no home’.”

Imagine living in a place
Where each person has
A tragic story to tell
Where each person still alive
Is a survivor of war
Where being wounded
Is the norm
Imagine living in a place
Where the bombs don’t differentiate
Between children
And those of old age
Where IDF soldiers don’t discriminate
Between those who resist
And those who surrender
Where death doesn’t differentiate
Between the strong and the weak
Imagine a place
Where the majority of casualties
Are women and children
You see women and children
Aren’t there to kill
And if we realize that
We realize
The Zionists don’t want
The Palestinians to survive
They don’t want them to thrive
They want them to die
Imagine living in a place
Where if you don’t resist
You simply won’t exist
Because if you surrender your life is over
Because if you give up
Your screams won’t be heard
Because if you back down
You’ll be forced to drown

But if you stand up
You are determined to be heard
If you persist
Your message will exist
Because if you don’t resist
You simply won’t exist

But to the Palestinians we say
As humans
The world stands with you in humanity
We stand with you in solidarity
And we will resist
So that you will forever exist


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