Voice of the Oppressed

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Half way through the night when I can still taste my dreams, I turn on my flashlight and scribble words onto scraps of paper. My mind is racing with words that seem to come from somewhere deep inside of me. Maybe it is the voice of a hunger striker shivering in his dark prison cell, or the screams of an orphan that has been left and forgotten. I feel their darkness surrounding me as I scratch and scribble and then stop to…

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Peace be with you :)

Rebuilding Detroit

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Rebuilding Detroit

This is the second piece in a series based on Ayad Alkadhi’s work.

Ayad Alkadhi’s website


Resistance ink, acrylic

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Resistance ink, acrylic

This is the first piece in a series inspired by Ayad Alkadhi’s work.

Poem for Palestine:


Ayad Alkadhi’s website


That’s how it goes

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Originally posted on Deconstructing Myths:

The Newseum's Five (5) freedoms guaranteed by ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everybody knows that the boat is leaking 
Everybody knows that the captain lied 
Everybody got this broken feeling 
Like their father or their dog just died.”

-Leonard Cohen

This coming weekend, I will be publishing a contribution to the Mic check guest blogger series from Claire O’Brien, whom I met through our interactions at her exceptional blog, Eléctrica in the Desert. Journalism is a profession that, in my not so humble opinion, falls under the category of “higher calling”, as it is entrusted with the widely coined mandate to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” In this context, Claire is an honorable reporter whose story serves as a reminder that following one’s conscience may come at a price. I would like to share with readers the extraordinary attack that was coordinated against her in the midst of a racially and politically divisive murder trial several…

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No sound is more deafening than the scream is silence.


Who am I?

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Who Am I?


As I try to reflect on myself

I realize

That I am many things


I can be selfish








Sassy, snappy


O wait


Downright lazy

And sometimes

A little bit crazy


I can be silly

And cheery

Angry and screamy

Sad and lonely


I am a binge reader

A bit of a dreamer

And I am a revolutionary

(Or at least I like to think I am)


But I can also be


(although sometimes a little too much)












I’ve discovered my strengths

By being shown my weakness


I’ve discovered who I am

By seeing who I don’t want to be

A mannequin sitting silently

A piece of plastic to be changed


I am not afraid to be me

I am not ashamed to be me


I am a soul

Wearing a body


I am whole


People that only see the good in me

Only know half the story


But what’s somewhat shocking

And beautiful in a way

Are people that see

Both sides of me

And still decide to stay




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